Day Camp Cancellation Policy

50% refund will be given if requested 30 days before the selected day of Camp.

A refund of credit for classes or future Camps can be issued, if requested less than 7 days before the Camp start date. 

Allora’s Behavior Policy 

Allora Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering the physical and emotional well-being of all individuals involved in its programs. 

Creating a secure and enjoyable environment is a joint responsibility shared by the center’s staff, program participants, and families. Disciplinary measures include verbal warnings, individual counseling, and communication with parents.  Most disciplinary issues are minor and can be resolved amicably by staff, children, and parents.

However, severe breaches of conduct may lead to immediate suspension or expulsion from the program, such as severe and repetitive disruption, intentional threats or harm towards others. 

The first time Allora’s staff members raise a behavior issue with a parent or guardian, the staff member will discuss what happened and what needs to be addressed. 

If the issue is not addressed and recurs, the student may be suspended from one class with no monetary refund. 

If behavior continues to be an issue after three warnings, the student may be dismissed from the program with no monetary refund.