2 y.o-4 y.o.

Wednesdays 11:15-12:00

Running weekly from September 20th to January 31st. No classes on Nov. 22nd, Dec. 27th, Jan. 3rd.

Cooking, Art Labs, educational games, in an Italian full immersion environment! Numerous studies show that foreign language learning is greatly enhanced by all kinds of activities that refer to the idea of fun.

Whether your child has Italian heritage or not our Italian full immersion classes offer an enjoyable experience that will open doors to a world of opportunities!

Our Italian full immersion classes are conducted entirely in Italian, allowing children to absorb the language naturally. The small class sizes ensure individual attention, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Playful, educational activities to learn the language while having fun and socializing with peers. All the ingredients, art tools, and educational material will be provided by Allora.

In Italian.